Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sailing from Sidney to Nanimo and back

So Loree and Vada came for a fantastic week of sailing and exploring the islands from Sidney up to Nanimo and back. It was Vada's first time on the big sail boat and she was quite apprehensive at first but she eventually became used to it. Vada had a dog life jacket which proved to be a marvellous solution for moving here around as it has a handle on the back to easily pick up a dog.
Loree and Vada enjoying the sun as we sail past another boat.
Vada looking ahead while Justin sails the boat
There were many adventures most of them revolved around seeing how Vada would do on the boat in preparation for taking her on the big boat trip down to the Caribbean. Once Vada had swimming lessons to make sure we could pick her up if she fell overboard we then took her kayaking.
Good thing its a big kayak
Trips ashore to explore the island and we figured out how many bikes one can fit in to the dinghy. I must admit the packing skills impressed others when we came ashore in one trip with two adults, a dog, back packs and two full sized bicycles.
And there is still room for one more
Loree and Vada in the forest (left) and one tired dog after keeping up with the bicycles (right)

Some pictures of life amongst the islands. I must say it is a tough way to live.

The famous "dinghy dock pub" in Nanimo