Dreams of friends

Bellow are links to friends of ours who are sharing stories of their adventures that will maybe inspire someone else to take that leap into a dream of their's and turn it into a reality. Its one of the main reasons why the name of the sailing vessel "Just Dreamin" struck a chord with me, as exploring on my own boat was a dream of mine. Everyone has different dreams it may not be adventuring it could be building, moving countries, being your own boss, becoming an entrapeneur the list is endless.

See Megan (Chip) and Conor (Gilby) as they tour the world

A great website of friends Conor (aka Gilby) and Megan (aka Chip) made in Fort McMurray and the inspiring life stories of their adventure travelling the world and others they come across. They did not just dip their toe in the water; they started cycling across my home country of Australia on a short bike ride of a mere 6000km with blistering heat, road trains, spiders, snakes, amazing beaches, friendly people and if you want to know more go to their website below.

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